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How to Design a Purr-fectly Pet-Friendly HDB Flat

One trend we’ve noticed this year is the increasing consideration of our furry friends in home design. With the potential allowance of cats in HDBs approaching, the demand for pet-friendly designs is growing. For HDB dwellers who want to create a welcoming environment for their pets without compromising style or space, we have some helpful […]

You’ll Love these Creative Curve Ideas for your HDB Renovation

Curves are possibly the biggest trend to hit the home renovation and interior design scene in Singapore in recent years. At Yang’s Inspiration Design, we were one of the earliest adopters, introducing curves in a myriad of ways in our clients’ homes. They are particularly effective in an HDB renovation. As you know, HDBs and […]

Interior Design Inspiration for HDB 4 Room Flats: Creating Stylish Spaces in Singapore

Singapore’s HDB 4 room flats provide a canvas for stylish interior design. Explore various design styles, such as minimalism and Scandinavian inspiration, to create a cozy and functional home. Discover the power of color schemes, with white bringing unity and calmness, and vibrant accents adding a touch of personality. Embrace timeless elegance with black elements […]

These Affordable Interior Design Alternatives Will (Still) Give You a Beautiful Home

Working with a limited budget? That doesn’t mean you can’t still have a beautiful home. Our interior design firm specialises in finding creative solutions to help homeowners achieve their dream homes within their budget constraints.  In this article, we will explore some affordable interior design ideas that won’t compromise the aesthetic of your home. Think […]

How to Design an Easy-to-Maintain Kitchen

Oftentimes, when getting interior design inspiration, you may be swept away by the aesthetics of the design without considering the practical implications. This may be fine in a less-utilised room, but in a hardworking, high-traffic zone like the kitchen, it’s really in your best interest to think about how to make it easier to maintain. […]

12 Brilliant Built-in Storage Solutions for the Living Room

A well-designed living room should cater to all your needs, whether it’s unwinding with your loved ones, catching up on your favourite TV series or hosting get-togethers with friends. To truly maximise its potential and functionality, consider incorporating storage. Built-in ones in particular can help to fuse together aesthetics and practicality, blending in with the […]

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