7 Space-Savvy Layouts for Your HDB Master Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat, perfect for relaxing and unwinding. But it’s hard to do all that when you feel like you’re always bumping into things or running out of space. If you’re struggling with a cramped master bedroom in your HDB, here are some layout ideas we’ve implemented in our clients’ homes that can help you maximise your HDB master bedroom and create a space-savvy sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave. 

1. Wardrobe with built-in nightstand

Nightstands, or bedside tables, can be bulky and take up a lot of footprint in the bedroom. Instead of traditional standalone options, think about incorporating your nightstand into your wardrobe design.

Create an L-shaped wardrobe that extends to the bed, with a cut-out for the nightstand. Be sure to round off the ends of the closet for safety. We also threw in a full-length mirror within the cupboard so the homeowners can double it up as a standing vanity.

HDB project at Woodlands Dr 14, designed by David 

Or, you could go for a recessed shelf with hidden LED lights for something that feels more minimalist.

HDB project at Clementi Ave 1, designed by Kenneth 

2. Built-in workstation

If you’re working from home and don’t have a separate room for your office, you may want to create a workspace in your master bedroom. Here are some tips to help you set up a functional office space without compromising the relaxing atmosphere of your bedroom. 

Consider extending your desk perpendicularly from your wardrobe to maximise desk space. By seamlessly integrating it with your closet design, everything will look more cohesive and less out of place.

HDB project at Punggol Dr, designed by Ivan

This workstation only takes up one wall in the master bedroom, but it has plenty of desk space, overhead storage for home office supplies, and even a flip-up mirror to use as a dressing table when you’re done working for the day.

HDB project at Jurong West Central, designed by Ivan

3. Walk-in wardrobe 

You can totally have a walk-in wardrobe without the need to tear down any walls. Just get creative with the location of your built-in wardrobe!

Do up an L-shaped wardrobe with the longer side against the bed. It’ll act as a divider and give you that dreamy walk-in closet feel with added privacy.

HDB project at Yishun Ave 6, designed by Jerie 

To create an even clearer distinction between the walk-in closet area and your bed, you could also do up a platform bed. 

HDB project at Northshore Dr, designed by Hariz

Or, consider a capsule wardrobe—an enclosed mini walk-in wardrobe right by your sleeping quarters.

HDB project at Punggol Walk, designed by David

4. Integrated wardrobe and dressing table 

Create a convenient skincare routine with a dressing table in your bedroom. Combine it with your wardrobe for efficient space-saving and plenty of storage for all your products. 

Extending out from the built-in wardrobe, this dressing table is a long side table that stretches the length of the bed. There are pull-out drawers by the side for skincare products.

HDB project at Segar Rd, designed by Jason 

This dressing table is cut out from the closet and includes a built-in mirror and sleek light strips.

HDB project at Clementi Ave 6, designed by Steven

The open shelves at the end of the wardrobe also function as a slim dressing table, providing enough space to easily slide in a vanity chair as well.

HDB project at Woodleigh Link, designed by Sky

5. Supersized master bedroom 

Combine your spare room with your master bedroom to create a more versatile master suite. Get creative with the space and enjoy the multiple functionality and added flexibility! 

Why not make the un-hackable wall a statement piece that mirrors the feature wall in the bedroom? This draws a visual continuity between both spaces to create one seamless master bedroom.

HDB project at Compassvale Bow, designed by Ken

Instead of having a solid wall dividing the rooms, you may wish to add a stylish sliding door in between. This way, you can have privacy when needed but can also easily transition between the two spaces. The frosted glass panels are a nice touch, allowing in some light to pass through without sacrificing privacy.

HDB project at Tampines North Dr, designed by Jason 

When you double the structural wall as a headboard, you can turn what may seem like a hindrance into a functional and stylish feature!

HDB project at Bidadari Park Dr, designed by Ivan

6. Multipurpose platform bed 

Platforms in small bedrooms serve various functions, with storage being the most important. They also help separate spaces without adding to the footprint, and bring you closer to windows, a big plus if you have gorgeous views. 

Incorporating storage not just on the platform itself, but also the steps! Talk about maximising space.

HDB project at Senja Close, designed by Jerie 

While this may not be an HDB renovation, it works well in an HDB master bedroom too. Just look at all the storage space that has been cleverly built in! From the low dresser to the full-length wardrobe to the platform storage—everything has been thoughtfully designed to maximise space.

Executive Condo project at Canberra Walk, designed by Jason

7. Flanking wardrobes 

Instead of relegating your wardrobe off to the side, consider placing your bed in the middle of the room and flanking your built-in closet on either sides of the bed. This layout option not only maximises closet space but also creates a his-and-hers side for added convenience. Say goodbye to jostling for closet space! 

We also added bedside tables on both sides and included more storage above the bed to really max out on storage.

HDB project at Senja Close, designed by Alvin 

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