How to Design a Purr-fectly Pet-Friendly HDB Flat

One trend we’ve noticed this year is the increasing consideration of our furry friends in home design. With the potential allowance of cats in HDBs approaching, the demand for pet-friendly designs is growing. For HDB dwellers who want to create a welcoming environment for their pets without compromising style or space, we have some helpful tips for you.

Safety First  

When planning your home with pets in mind, always prioritise their safety. For flooring, opt for options that provide more traction and aren’t too slippery for their paws. Consider choosing vinyl flooring or tiles with a slip-resistant rating to reduce the risk of accidents. With vinyl flooring, do ensure they are free of harmful toxins and ideally have the Green Label Certification from the Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

Choose flooring that is non-slip to keep your pets from sliding around

An HDB renovation at Eunos Rd, designed by Jing Yi 

To enhance safety, install window grilles or invisible grilles, or use child-safety locks on your windows. Ensure that the gaps between the grilles are narrow enough to prevent your pets from escaping.

Install grilles to keep your pets safe.

An HDB renovation at Punggol Drive, designed by Jerie 

In line with the curve trend, you can also round the edges of lower furniture like coffee tables to minimise the risk of injury to your pets. Keep curtains and blinds short to avoid tangling issues, cover up exposed cables, and be mindful of selecting indoor plants that are non-toxic to your furry friends. 

Curved ends like this minimise injury to your pets.

An HDB renovation at Pasir Ris Drive 4, designed by Jason 

Easy Maintenance 

In your surfaces and furnishings, opt for materials that are simple to clean and keep up. Choose paint finishes that can be easily wiped clean, for example. While we don’t recommend wallpaper for pet-friendly homes, if you must use it, make sure to select a durable option that’s resistant to scratches and stains.

Don’t just consider safety when choosing flooring. Take into account also its durability and resistance to scratches and water. Natural materials like marble and hardwood can be high maintenance and prone to staining, so it’s best to choose something more practical. Look for flooring that is easy to clean and avoid high pile rugs that can collect dirt and fur.

Choose a low-pile rug if you want to add a bit of cosiness to your home.

An HDB renovation at Eunos Road 2, designed by Jing Yi

You’ll also want to pick flooring with minimal grooves or textures to make cleaning easier. Vinyl flooring is a good option for sound absorption compared to tile. Finally, consider the colour of your pet’s fur when selecting flooring to help hide their constant shedding.

Choose flooring that matches the colour of your pet’s fur to camouflage their shedding!

An HDB renovation at Hougang St 91, designed by Alvin

Choose furniture made from materials that are tough, water-resistant, and can conceal scratches. Removable, washable covers with a tight weave are ideal for fabric sofas, or look at leather for its spill-proof properties (just be mindful of potential scratches). Adding throws to leather sofas can provide an added layer of protection. Consider using canvas or outdoor fabrics for sofas, as they are able to withstand the wear and tear of pet activity. Steer clear of velvet, as it tends to attract fur like a magnet!

Leather is tough, but it can easily scratch. If your pets are always jumping on the couch, throw a blanket over it to keep it safe.

An HDB renovation at Punggol Drive, designed by Jerie 

When selecting furniture for the areas of your home where your pets enjoy spending time, go for lighter pieces that are easy to move, which can make cleaning up less of a hassle. 

To keep your bathrooms clean, think about setting up a specific spot for bathing your dog. Having a handy dog bath station at your HDB’s service yard can be a quick solution for washing off dirty paws after walks.

The HDB service yard is the perfect spot for a dedicated dog bathing station.

An HDB renovation at Senja Close, designed by Jerie

Custom Carpentry 

Whether it’s for playing, eating, going to the bathroom or sleeping, it’s important to tailor specific areas to the needs of your pets. Cats, for example, like vertical spaces and scratching posts for playtime, while dogs would appreciate a spacious open area with toys to romp around in. 

Instead of just buying generic items that could clutter up your space and clash with your style, you can easily incorporate pet-friendly elements into your design instead. For example, you could have cat ladders that double as part of your living room TV setup, blending in with the same colour laminate for a more cohesive look. Or, if you have smaller dogs, why not create a built-in dog den under your living room storage? And for a creative solution, consider converting your HDB bathroom pipes into a scratching post to eliminate two eyesores at once.

Convert your HDB bathroom pipes to a scratching post for your cat.

An HDB renovation at Jurong West St 64, designed by Ivan 

Feeding stations should be placed away from high-traffic areas in the home, preferably a quiet spot away from play zones. Litter boxes or potty pads should be easily accessible for bathroom breaks. Have them concealed inside cabinets with proper ventilation and vents to keep them out of sight and out of the way. 

If you prefer your pets to have the freedom to move around the house on their own, you can also install pet flaps below your regular doors to make it easier for them to get around.

A dedicated pet flap lets your pets move in and out of rooms independently.

An HDB renovation at Eunos Road 2, designed by Jing Yi

With space already limited in an HDB, have multipurpose carpentry that serves more than just a single function. For instance, a platform with underneath storage space to hide pet toys, a pegboard panel that maximise vertical storage but also has dedicated hooks for holding dog leashes, or a pull-out kitchen pantry with a special section for easy access to your pet’s treats.

A pegboard panel can help to organise leashes and keep them easily accessible.

An HDB renovation at Punggol Drive, designed by Jerie

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