Ong Xiu Hui Fannie


We are a young couple that just completed our first home renovation and would like to compliment our ID, Abby, for the positive experiences in this home renovation journey, despite some hiccups here and there. We got to know Yang’s ID and Abby through word-of-mouth and no regrets choosing them! We had talked to multiple IDs before going with Abby because she’s very responsive, open to ideas and experienced. There were many times that we were indecisive and Abby would help by weighing the pros and cons for us, and over time, we knew we could trust her. We had a timeline to meet and majority of the work was completed by then, though we had to move in with some renovation works still ongoing. But we were pleased with the results as we had rather minimal rectification reworks. Carpentry was high quality and well-fitted. We had lived in our new place for 6 months now and there were minimal touch-up required. And when there are follow-up required, Abby remains responsive. Thank you Abby for creating such a beautiful and cosy home for us!

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