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Why we don’t repair cabinets


By Arnold Goh   |    Back To Articles   |   07 July 2021


Kitchen cabinets are carpentry that see a lot of use and hence wear down faster than carpentry in other parts of the home. We often get questions from our social media asking:

“Do you replace cabinet doors?” 

“Are you able to fix my drawers?” 

Simple answer, we do not. This boils down to a number of factors which we will be going through below.



“But I’m willing to pay $40.00* for a door!” 

While the price tag of $40.00* may seem reasonable to replace a single cabinet door, our carpenters have a minimum cost involved per job. Hence, it may not simply be $40.00 but after taking into account the time, materials, fabrication, transport and installation, it may add up to a price tag that is much higher.

*Note: The price tag of $40.00 is merely used as an example for a pricing reference in this scenario. Actual market prices may differ.


Wear and Tear / Construction

While you may get a new door for your cabinet right now, the rest of the cabinet body remains old, hence there is also the risk of the rest of the body not being able to last as long as the door. And when that day comes when the cabinet body begins to deteriorate into an unusable state, you are going to have to dismantle and build new cabinets once again, which will come with its own set of doors.

Also, do remember that holes need to be drilled into the cabinet body to mount new doors and drawers. As each homeowners cabinet is designed and fabricated differently, the available space for screw holes may already be taken up and you are unable to drill at other places as it may affect other parts of the cabinet that have other mountings (e.g. on the other side). – This is especially true when it comes to drawer tracks, as they usually have fixed places for the screw holes.

Copy of DSC_00761.jpg

Drawer tracks usually come with fixed places for screws to be mounted onto the cabinet body. 


Since cabinet body is old, the body may not be as strong anymore. In that case, if the doors or drawers become misaligned, it is harder to pinpoint the cause of it – This may be due to deterioration in the cabinet structure not being able to hold up the door.


An old cabinet body may not be able to hold up the new door and hinge in the long run, especially if the cabinet body has been subjected to water damage. 

But most importantly, there are no guarantees on the new fabricated door or drawer fitting perfectly as it’s made by two different carpenters.


Lastly, the reason why we do not provide the service of changing cabinet doors or drawers is also because that we may not be able to find the same type of laminate that was used for the original cabinet body. Even if you are willing to compromise for a different colour or shade of the same colour, there is still a possibility that it wouldn’t look nice.


Why not have everything new and matchy-matchy?


With our super competitive kitchen cabinet price tag at $75.00 per foot, you’d be better off getting a whole new cabinet system (body, doors and drawers) replaced – Like how we say it in Singapore, it’s “Simply more wu-hua!” (better worth for your money). 

To find out more about what you get with this $75.00 per foot price tag, check out our other blog article here:

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