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Qanvast SuperTrust 2021


By Arnold Goh   |    Back To Articles   |   20 May 2021


We did it again! Yang’s Inspiration Design is officially accredited Qanvast SuperTrust 20211. This is our second consecutive year and we are super delighted to be accorded such a prestigious accreditation.

Our Director, Sky Tay (left) receiving the Qanvast SuperTrust 2021 award at our showroom

 A million thanks!

As only 29 interior design firms in Singapore to were awarded the SuperTrust badge for 2021, we are extremely thankful for our clients and their trust in us. Over here, we work hard for our clients and in turn ensure that every positive review is worth its weight in gold.


Of course, we also cannot forget the designers who all went the extra miles to deliver one beautiful home after another, ensuring that all our projects are done with heart and soul.


What does this mean for home-owners?

  1. Added assurance that we are able to deliver on our promises, on time and on target

  2. We are here for the long-haul

  3. We are trustworthy and have been tried, tested, and verified by other home-owners that we are the real deal!

How do firms qualify?

Based on information from Qanvast’s webpage, firms “have to be ranked within the top 15% on Qanvast (based on our internal scoring system), have at least 10 verified reviews and completed around $500,000 worth of projects (from Qanvast)…”


All in all, here’s to many more years of Qanvast SuperTrust for Yang’s Inspiration Design and to many more beautiful homes!

Yang's Inspiration Design_ST2021.jpg
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