40-year old flat in Chin Swee gets a Trichromatic makeover for $40,000


By Arnold Goh   |    Back To Articles   |   02 November 2020

Challenging the norm where muted colours are boring – Utilizing the conventional white, grey, black, and complemented with pops of teal, our Director, Alvin breathes new life into this 40-year old flat in the heart of Chin Swee Road.

The overall palette of the home was kept relatively simple, with the walls clad in grey and white. A bold black stripe runs down the middle to not only show continuity, but also visually extend the space. The concept of this home was kept mostly minimalist with the home owner preferring to use statement pieces to add a punch of character into her abode.  Pops of teal add highlights to the overall palette of this home’s colour scheme with the most notable statement piece being the TV console. Look closely, however, and you would also notice that the teal coloured area on the rug was also positioned in such a way that it looks as though the colour was a continuous flow, moving between X and Y axis.


Throughout the entire home, a minimalist colour palette was also used – most notably in the kitchen where appliances are either white or black. Grey tiles laid on the kitchen floor not only maintain the design theme, but are also more resistant to dirt. They also have a textured surface to minimize slips especially when the floor is wet.

The master bedroom is coated in a two-toned combination of grey – with a lighter shade of grey adorning most of the room, and a darker shade painted over the ledge just above the bedhead. The ledge also allows the home owner to place items such as alarm clocks and other decorative knick-knacks.

The bathroom is clad in white tiles to help brighten up the space as the original structural layout of meant that light was obscured from entering. A standing shower cubicle was installed, segregating wet and dry areas of the bathroom.

Perhaps the only part of this home that deviates from the palette and captivates most people would be the dressing room. Alvin converted one of the rooms for our home owner into a walk-in dressing room, complete with full height cabinets for clothes, and shoes! This room takes on a street-style concept with a foot locker bearing the Bape design that the home owner bought on her own, and filled with her favourite foot wear, sitting in the middle. The full height storage allows for ample space between each pair of shoes. Full height panels of mirrors also adorn 3 out of 5 wardrobe doors, allowing the home owner to mix-and-match her footwear to her clothes conveniently.

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Photography by: Arnold Goh

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