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$75 PFR - Kitchen Cabinet Promotion


By Arnold Goh   |    Back To Articles   |   20 November 2020


Yang’s Inspiration Design has run our (by now) famous $75 per foot run kitchen cabinet promotion for 3 years. We started this special deal when we first started our company back in 2017, and it was extremely well received.


Fast-forward 3 years to today, we are still going on strong, and probably the only interior design firm in Singapore that still offers this extremely tantalizing deal. But of course, with local homeowners being extremely savvy when it comes to their money, some casted doubts on whether there were any hidden costs, if our workmanship was of sub-standard quality, or if cheaper materials were used. Time and again, we have proven to our client-base that they get almost the same components* as if they were to hire another interior design firm that charges them more for similar kitchen cabinets. 

What do you mean by “almost the same components”?


We say “almost the same components” as some other ID firms use soft-closing hinges from brands such as Blum, while we use the ones from Excel. Other components might be colour selection of the internal PVC which lines the insides of your cabinets. But in general, you’re not getting anything less or of lower quality than if you were to get from other kitchen cabinet suppliers.



So what am I getting for my $75 per foot run?

  1. ExcelHW Soft-Closing hinges for all your cabinet doors


At Yang’s Inspiration Design, all our cabinet doors come equipped with ExcelHW soft-closing hinges.


These soft-closing hinges help prolong the durability of your cabinet doors and reduce noise by preventing slams.


Look out for the Yang’s ID logo engraved onto the hinge body!


2. 3x ExcelHW DTC Under-mount drawers

All our kitchen cabinet sets come with 3x drawers

which are equipped with ExcelHW DTC mechanisms that provide soft-closing and anti-slam.

3. ExcelHW Costanzo Top-Stay Lift Up system for your overhead dish rack’s door

Gone are the days when you have to hold up the dish rack door with one hand and try to load your precious porcelain up into the dish rack with the other.


With the Excel Costanzo Top-Stay Lift Up system, you can feel safe and assured that your dish rack door stays up while you load your dishes, and closes gently to prevent slams.


4. ExcelHW 2-tier stainless steel dish rack

All our kitchen cabinets come with a built-in dish rack for you to store your beautiful crockery.

Note: Top cabinets are a must!

5. Internal PVC – with a choice of colours

Internal PVC lines the inside of your carpentry.

These provide a pleasant look to the insides as compared to traditional white-coloured internals.

These textured surfaces are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also more durable as compared to traditional white internals as the latter usually discolors over time.

They also help to protect the inside body of your carpentry from knicks and bumps from heavy items such as pots and pans.

Internal PVC.jpg
Internal PVC 2.jpg

6. Wide-range of laminates to choose from

We work with the largest laminate companies in Singapore to offer you a wide range of colours, patterns and textures for your carpentry.

Modern contemporary, Scandinavian, Classical, or any theme of your fancy can all be easily achieved with the right match of colours and patterns!

ABS Trimming.jpg

7. ABS Trimming that matches your laminate selection

ABS Trimmings serve to bind and cap off laminate edges around rounded corners such as drawer grips.


We match the ABS trimmings to your choice of laminate to create a seamless look. But don’t be afraid to go bold and opt for a different coloured trimming!

8. High-quality solid plywood construction of the cabinet body

We use high quality solid plywood to construct all your carpentry.


These plywood are of a durable thickness to ensure that they hold up sturdy and withstand the test of time.

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